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Nexus Tax Software

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Nexus Software is dedicated to bring the best income tax software available. Including packages for Individual, Business, Federal & State filing with limited city tax packages. Nexus allows you to prepare essentially any tax return. Learn about all the features and how Nexus saves you time and helps you process more returns efficiently with web and desktop versions for your convenience.

Client Write-Up

Nexus Client Write-Up is an extensive payroll, bookkeeping, accounts payable, and accounts receivable package. It’ s free with the unlimited version of Nexus.

Nexus M.O.M

“Dynamic Client Management System”
  • Reduced Lobby time for client satisfaction.
  • Quickly retrievable data & Secured Portal for record-keeping.
  • 24/7 access to online client portal for convenience.
  • Return preparation time decreased for client satisfaction.

For Business

  • Store documents online – less paper, files, cabinets = more space
  • Experience enhanced and centralized communication across your office
  • Better monitor your office(s) and your employee’s productivity
  • Immediately identify best referral sources, and automate Refer-A-Friend
  • Scheduling is a breeze with an automated appointment calendar
  • Spend more time away from the office during peak filing season
  • Eliminate hassle and frustration of installing and upgrading multiple software(s)

For Employees

  • Simply put, its simple to learn and simple to use for your employees
  • Designed for quick ramp-up for your seasonal employees
  • Online punch clock provides your employees with better time tracking
  • Your Employees can access their schedules anytime,anywhere
  • Less hassle, less “hunting”, less paper means happier employees

For Employees

  • Your customers have reduced lobby wait time
  • Your customers get immediate answers since data is quickly retrievable
  • Your customer’s records are stores in secure portal versus misplaced files
  • Decrease in return preparation time for your satisfied customers
  • Your customers can access their files online via password protected site 24/7

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