Nexus United ITO Intake Form

    Independent Tax Office (NU EFIN)

    Nexus United group

    Commission Tiers (non-retroactive) Funded Returns:

    W/Out EFIN
    1-100 = 70%
    101-250= 80%
    251- Or More= 95%
    W/ EFIN:
    1-100= 90%
    101 Or More= 100%

    Owner Operator

    Independent Tax Office Responsibilities:

    • Tax Office is authorized to use Nexus United property ONLY when conducting tax prepartion or natural course of business
    • Commissions will be distributed only after a file is complete and funded per the following:
      • 1. All pertinent Nexus United Group Filing Forms are signed by Client. ( Ex: 8879, 8867, 1040, Bank, Etc)
      • 2. All EPS-Bank products and Nexus Compliance Forms are signed by Client.
      • 3. Client File in Nexus United MOM- Multi Office Management is Complete, including the following:
        • A. Permanent Docs are uploaded (ID(s) with exp. Date, SS Cards, Dep. Birth Certs…etc.)
        • B. Account Docs are uploaded (Office File, Tax Return, Required Signature Docs, Supporting Docs…etc.)
        • C. Transaction Information is accurate and Client Balance is $0.

    Direct Deposit Information:

    • Bank Name:
    • Routing:
    • Acct #:
    • Repeat Acct#:
    • Name On Acct:
    • Zelle's Deposit Info:
    • Zelle's Phone #:
    • Name On Acct:

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