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What Is Nexus United?
At Nexus United Inc., is a network of professional including Enrolled Agents, Certified Public Accountants, Tax Attorneys and veteran Tax Professionals dedicated to the mutual success of its members.
Why Nexus United Inc. versus any other Service Bureau?
Nexus United Inc. Network members are provided access to unlimited support in all facets of the tax preparation business. This support is essential to retention efforts, creating new patrons from unrealized demographics and continuing development of business practices that will undeniably maximize profits. Our Nexus United Inc. Membership(s) offer the best web-based programs available today. Our network strength has proven successful by previous members reporting a 50 – 70% savings on the cost of similar programs.
How does being a member of Nexus United Inc. maximize savings/profits?
Level 1 – Tax Preparation Support (Premium Membership): Your preparers can call our Nexus Toll Free Support line and speak with another knowledgeable network member if they have questions regarding filing a return. This saves you time which in essence saves you money. Level 2 – Technical Support: Software inquiries can also be handled directly by contacting our Nexus Toll Free Technical Support line where troubleshooting issues and time spent on researching and issue resolution is minimal. Level 3 – Legal Support: All of our network memberships are able to connect with a network Attorney and/or Enrolled Agent if they have a legal question about their tax preparation business or filing issue. This is not representation, but it is FREE legal advice. Attorneys & Enrolled Agents are available to retain if needed. Level 4 – Operational Review: (Premium Membership) Our network members may request a diagnostic report of their current operation. This analysis can provide suggestions for Record Keeping, Marketing Strategies, Compliance, Employee Performance, etc.
Are there any incentives for being a Nexus United Inc. member outside of major savings and support?
Yes! Yes! Yes! As an additional incentive, our performance tiered-based rebate program(s) afford many members a 100% reimbursement of the entire “membership fee” by the end of the tax season. So the membership, if base requirements are met, is FREE!
Is there a Network Fee or Monthly Recurring Charge?
There is NO Monthly Recurring Charge; we offer three (3) different levels of Membership: Standard Membership, Professional Membership & Premium Membership. Each level of Membership is has a one-time, low-cost enrollment fee.
What brand of software does the Nexus Network offer members?
“Nexus Software” (Powered-By-Drake ®) is web-based software fully supported by Drake Software® which is one of the largest and most credible software companies known in the tax industry.
How is Nexus United Inc. able to sell such valuable software for such a low-cost?
Nexus United Inc. has a licensing and distribution agreement with Drake Software®. We are able to distribute this software because of our credibility and being an industry-leading tax service bureau with an already established network; this enables us to offer competitive and inexpensive pricing structures to our members.
Will Nexus United Inc. next members ever have to refer to Drake Support for additional support?
Nexus United Inc. takes pride in providing matchless levels of Technical & Professional support; if you have any problems with the software we will be available to support you fully. Nexus also maintains constant contact with Drake’s corporate office and in the rare event they are needed for issue resolution purposes we will contact them on your behalf.
What if I have never used Drake Software ® before? Does Nexus United Inc. have training, tutorials or a demo available?
Absolutely! Provide you will all the tools to feel comfortable and be successful with the software.
If I have used different software in the past, is there an easy transition into your software?
One of the most convenient features is the conversion utility which allows you to convert prior year returns from most old software into your new Nexus Software database for 2015.
Do you assist with obtaining Bank Products for Nexus Members?
Yes! Nexus United Inc. does not only assist with acquiring bank products, we maintain relationships with most of the leading bank product providers in the tax industry; this makes it easier for you to choose the absolute best choice for your business structure.
Which banks are associated with Nexus United Inc.?
We have superb relationships with the following banking institutions: EPS Financial Republic Bank Refundo River City Bank Santa Barbara Tax Products Group (TPG) Refund Advantage

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